Ivy Tech Distance Education Faculty Certification Course

Faculty must complete a six-week  certification where they complete training and develop course content.

Structure of Training Course

  • Technology Skills
  • Facilitating Online Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Use of Specific Tools in Blackboard
  • Hands-on, Real-World Experience

Online Training Process

  • Participants register online
  • Course taught by certified instructors
  • Participate in the training for six weeks
  • Participants must earn 90%
  • Complete all assignments
  • Record is kept in portal

Course Development Process

  • Five course developers
  • One committee with 10 members
  • Technical check by online learning coordinators
  • Course pilot-statewide
  • Course is used statewide

Development Model

  • Step 1 – Identify Course for Online Delivery
  • Step 2 – Identify Course Developers
  • Step 3 – Prepare for Development (Establish Milestones)
  • Step 4 – Review and Approve Course
  • Step 5 – Package and Deliver Course

Training Roles and Responsibilities

It sounds like they group participants and take turns facilitating other group members. A number of faculty drop the course and this can create a challenge (when there are fewer group members). They commit to 6-10 hours at least per week.

Bb World Keynote – Sir Ken Robinson

Although suffering from a “man cold” (I’ve had these), Sir Ken Robinson addressed three themes:

  1. We’re living in times where there are no prior examples to learn from.
  2. Education systems are part of the problem.
  3. We need to radically change education (a learning revolution).

Revolutionary change is being driven by technology and population. 60-110 billion have lived on earth. Robinson posits that we can support 1.5 billion people at the rate that we consume in North America.

Our education systems are designed around efficiency and uniformity, not diversity. 30% of students drop out between 9th and 12th grade. Education needs to be personalized! New technologies offer new opportunities to personalize the experience.

The power to bring to mind things that are not present (imagination, creativity) is unique to humans!


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