An Incredible Opportunity – Ask Dr. C

What an incredible opportunity!  I’ve been selected to become one of the Blackboard Ask Dr. C’s!

What is Ask Dr. C?

Ask Dr. C is an online discussion forum community designed to help Blackboard and WebCT clients learn how to use Blackboard and WebCT.   Specifically, the Ask Dr. C forums deal with topics such as pedagogy, online teaching and learning, and technical “how to” questions.  The Ask Dr. C Forums are moderated by an international group of experts whose real-world Blackboard and WebCT experience encompasses campus implementation, server administration, course design, tool use, student experience, and third party application integration.
The mission of the Ask Dr. C forums is to provide quality answers to user questions in a highly responsive manner and to contribute to building a global knowledge base for online teaching and learning.

Who is Dr. C?

> See Profiles Here

Blackboard and WebCT Management Team:
• Rob Shea, Director of Blackboard User Relations (Formerly WebCT)
• Adriane Alleyne, Manager of Blackboard Communities

Blackboard Dr. C’s Announced at the WebCT !MPACT 2006 Conference (July 2006):
• Santo Nucifora, Seneca College
• Amber Lycan, Shenandoah University
• Henk van Rijssen, ROC Midden, Nederland
• Michael Zimmerman, University of Nebraska
• Eric Kunnen, Grand Rapids Community College

Existing WebCT Dr. C’s:
• Bob Boufford, University of Alberta, Canada
• Kate Britt, British Columbia
• Donna Ferguson. Albany State University
• Mark Hallam, University of Adelaide, Australia
• Bernie Kirkey, Thomspon Rivers University, Canada
• Bradley Morgan, WebCT
• Brian Morgan, Marshall University

GRCC Connection

Grand Rapids Community College is a great place to teach, learn, and work.  GRCC really deserves to be recognized by the academic community for excellence in areas of teaching, quality, academic rigor, and instructional technology.  The Ask Dr. C invitation is one example of the community honoring the hard work of staff and team members at GRCC.

In an effort to build connection with other Blackboard and WebCT clients, the Ask Dr. C opportunity provides a venue to share, benchmark, and build relationships with colleges and universities around the world.

The next phase of the Ask Dr. C program includes opening up a new series of forums dedicated to Blackboard clients.  From students to faculty members using the Blackboard software, the Ask Dr. C forums will offer another support resource for faculty, staff, and students of GRCC.

Conference Invitation and GRCC Support

The first ever combined WebCT and Blackboard Conference is set to be held on September 10-12 in Melbourne, Australia.  Eric Kunnen has been invited to participate in this event by Blackboard.  This honor, while held on the second week of the semester startup at GRCC is an incredible opportunity! 


I would like to sincerely thank the administration, faculty, and staff of GRCC for the encouragement and support for my participation at this conference.  At the risk of leaving someone out… I would like to especially recognize Cynthia Springer, Mike Schuler, Patti Trepkowski, Garry Brand, Bill Faber, Laurie Foster, Jason Johnson, Pam Degryse, Liz Timmer, Jody Graves, Jim Durkee, Erich Flynn, Bob Eluskie… and everyone else at GRCC that have offered me support, encouragement, and the leadership necessary to approve and acknowledge my attendance at this outstanding event!  So THANK YOU!


About ekunnen
Eric has a passion for, works to lead, support, and coordinate effective uses of technology in teaching and learning. He is an Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Allendale, Michigan. His primary role focuses on collaborating and supporting distance learning initiatives at the university while exploring future trends in emerging technologies in teaching and learning. He also collaborates to research and support academic technologies used in the classroom and in eLearning. Previously, Eric was the Emerging Technologies Coordinator at GVSU and a Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eric has a background in teaching Computer Science and Biology at the secondary level and a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology. I'm on mission to advance teaching and learning through the integration of emerging and innovative instructional technologies... More

3 Responses to An Incredible Opportunity – Ask Dr. C

  1. gbrand says:

    I can’t wait to follow along as you blog your experiences “down under!”

  2. Jason says:

    Eric this is perfect! Thanks for doing this blog; it’s just like being there, sort of…well except that it’s nothing like it. Are kangaroos in the city? Watch out for disgruntled sting rays. Did you hear about Steve? Any rate, everything is great here in GR and I’m getting to flex my Blackboard knowledge it’s been going great! Take care- j

  3. mike says:

    Eric — Your blog is excellent… as you suggested, I think this would be great for the GRCC community. I’ll follow-up with Patti…


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