Keynote: Preparing Our Young for 21st Century Success

Keynote: Preparing Our Young for 21st Century Success


Learning for the 21st Century Success in an Interdependent Spaceship for Earth

Monday, 11 September
9:00 – 10:15am

Peter Ellyard, Chairman Preferred Future Institute, Sustainable Prosperity Foundation; Adjunct professor of Intergenerational Strategies ,University of Queensland.

This session will explore the need for a new culture of learning in our rapidly changing world. From the role of parents in creating successful adults to how educators can prepare for future success, Dr. Ellyard will examine what it takes to become future-makers, not future-takers. He will discuss new approaches to life-long learning, learner driven learning and just-in-time learning. From the first five years of life, the mid-years of secondary school and tertiary education, we’ll discuss the major challenges for educational reform as well.

To read Dr. Ellyard’s discussion paper prior to his keynote, click here.

One line “Create a Successful Person”. Young people and ensuring their success as an adult. It’s the same for parents. Understanding what the future can bring. Think 0 to Kindergarten.. don’t start at Kindergarten, things happen before.Follow your passion not your pension. A destiny dialogue. Passion and Aptitude. It’s what Henry Ford did…it’s what Bill Gates did.All people who enter a learning situations need to be leaders of self, and future makers not future takers.

1. Transformation of Self

  • Innovators and Creators
  • What will the future be like?
  • Think about Trends
  • Futurist says: What will be – what should/could be
  • Prophecy and Vision
  • Leader looks at the preferred culture.

A Boat

  • Imagine the tide is the wave taking you to the future.
  • Think about the purpose of the boat.
  • Getting to the future first!
  • We have the genes to fear change… fight or flight.
  • Take a hold of the rudder.
  • Put up the sail!

2. Transformation of the Heart

  • Vision to Hope to Inspiration to Commitment
  • Motivation is neck down – commitment
  • Strategy is neck up – vision

3. Managers vs Leaders


  • control
  • what will be
  • do the thing RIGHT
  • guided by fate
  • path taker
  • respond to change

  • facilitate
  • what should be/could be
  • do the RIGHT thing
  • guided by destiny
  • path maker
  • create and shape change

Moving from Modernism and Priority to Nation to Sustainable – Spaceship Culture and Planetism

  • Turn waste into food, eliminate concept of waste
  • Capture energy, from sun
  • Sustainable
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Harmony
  • Cooperation
  • Security

Learning Culture – Pedagogical Framework

  1. Lifelong Learning
  2. Learner-driven Learning
  3. Just-in-time Learning
  4. Customized Learning
  5. Transformative Learning
  6. Collaborative Learning
  7. Contextual Learning
  8. Learning to Learn

Teach students to become successful shapers of their own destiny.

Education Reform: Transform the education community through focus and target the weak points.

Capabilities for 21st Century Success

Successful Adulthood

  1. nurture own self esteem
  2. respect others
  3. initiate, nurture and maintain successful relationships
  4. develop healthy and sustainable lifestyles
  5. become enterprising self-actualizing individuals
  6. become leaders of self and then of others

An Enterprise Person

Future Makers NOT Future Takers THROUGH Imagination

Too many managers not enough leaders.

“We cannot work to create a future that we cannot first imagine.”


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