Keynote: A Conversation with David Parkin

Keynote: A Conversation with David Parkin

David Parkin, Lecturer, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Deakin University


One of the most inspiring coaches to have ever been part of the game, David Parkin will use his well known success as both a football player and coach as a backdrop during this presentations, focusing on transferring skill sets from the sporting and academic arenas to the world of business. Originally trained as a primary school teacher and with over eighteen years spent in Teacher Education, David will share his thoughts on leadership, team dynamics and the fundamentals of organizational success.

Common problem is that often you have got the vision, but fail to put the steps in place to get there.

Talent with poor character is not optimal. Character first – Talent second!

Competent leadership builds a collective will. Make decisions collectively as to where we are going and more important how we will get there.

Leadership is a learned experience. You are not born with it… there is something to be said about nurturing, but leadership is a learned experience.

Getting the RIGHT thing done! Not just doing the right THINGS.

Build and sell a collective vision is really important.

Effective leadership is about tasks and people. Good leaders walk the floor with the people that are doing the work.

It’s important for leaders to be interested in the person — the whole person, and that isn’t easy to do. Unless you spend time with people, you cannot effectively be genuinely interested in the person. Good leaders understand and have empathy with people. Leaders can roll up their sleeves and come along side or help provide resources or remove barriers.

Leaders provide guidelines about where they are, where they are going, and how to get there.

Good leadership is not about control and manipulation. A significant need is to involve people. More confident and more competent workforce is what you need. Leaders empower people. Leaders are flexible. Good people need to be developed and then leaders need to get out of the way.

360 degree feedback. Good leaders serve others.

Good to Great is an excellent book and resource. The Level 5 leader has a passion and commitment. Also important is the need to be humble.

Small groups between 5 and 12 people are great sizes for teams.

Questions to ask: How would you desire it to be? What behaviors are missing? What is counter productive that is tolerated? Do you hear the language of responsibility or the language of blame? Who are the REAL leaders? Leaders may not be labeled as such, but you can see who the real leaders by viewing the workforce and the leaders stick out with performance success. Effective people are anxious about the best they can be! What are the consequences of non-compliance? Is there mutual decision making? How do leaders help resolve conflicts? Good leaders acknowledge individual worth!

As you classify your own performance. Being reflective about when you are working with someone do you produce what are you are supposed to produce in the manner you are supposed to and when you are supposed to do it? Do you follow through ALL THE TIME? Good leaders and the workforce is ideal if performance is predictable.. Being trusted about what you are supposed to do and have the consistency and ability to follow through.

Effective leaders and team players are selfless — it’s about sacrifice. Being able to say I’m prepared to help others.

Are you as a leader a good team player…?


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