BbWorld09 – Seth Godin Keynote

BbWorld’09 – Seth Godin Keynote

BbWorld’09 Conference Web Site
Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center

Keynote Speaker: Sir Ken Robinson, Noted Author and Recognized Leader in the Development of Creativity and Innovative Education UPDATE:  Seth Godin was asked to fill in for Sir Ken Robinson since he was unable to attend the event.

7/14/2009 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM
Maryland Ballroom A-D

My notes from the session:

Sir Ken Robinson was unable to be at this event and Seth Godin delivered the keynote instead.

Michael Chasen – Opening

  • President and CEO of Blackboard
  • Welcome ANGEL clients to the Bb community.
  • Strongest program yet on how we can implement strategies to better support teachers and learners at all levels. Along the way we will be listening as well.
  • Opening Seth Godin keynote. Author.
    • People is this room are transforming the institution of education.
    • How does change spread?
    • Joel Spolski – Filecreek – Building and leading a “tribe”, building community through blogging, leading.
    • Acumen Fund – 80 Million dollars, helping build businesses geared to helping the poorest.
    • Where to? What’s Next for Education?
      • 1920’s Henry Ford – Developed a system to take a worker and have them follow “orders”.
      • Public education was “invented” to work in a factory, and to buy a lot of stuff.
      • NBC to sell to consumers.
      • Mass advertising and mass marketing this followed into schools.
      • More and more and more information in school and finally they will get it.
      • It’s been around for so long… we thing it is the only way.
      • There is an opportunity to change the world. The marketplace is demanding that institutions step up because we need something different now.
      • Compliance doesn’t work to create value.
      • The giant shift is to look at what you do really differently.
      • Tribal behavior is the leverage tool or weapon to transform the teachers, administrators, and students.
      • Groups of people aligned by a common culture.
      • Religious tribe, work tribe, and community tribe… and academy or school tribe.
      • NOW… We have all sort of tribes… red hat ladies, etc.
      • There is power in tribes… audience claps without being told how to clap… we are wired for pulse and rhythm – like being in sync.
      • People look around all the time to see what other members of the tribe are doing. Once you understand what people are doing you can use that for transformation. People are looking for leaders, for models, for something to follow.
      • Outdoor competitive, extreme ironing… ?
      • Roller derby… bringing back – because of the sense of connection because of community.
      • The world of sports… why exactly to people go out of their way for sports… reason is very simple, basic human need is to be part of something. It’s who they are, it connects to their heritage, to who they are.
      • Pirates – Key part… insiders or outsiders. Your job to get adoption is not to assemble a crowd, it’s about how do I create insiders, and assemble a group of people that want to make change.
      • “Tribes Matter = Bigger than word of mouth”.
      • Join the group of 100… people wanted to be in the group.
      • Assemble people so that they can do something bigger than you.
      • Leverage happens with the tribe… are you in? or out?
      • Pianoworld… 1 millionth post… you are either in or out.
      • Mitch Matthews – VP at Microsoft. 6,000 people came to the conference… the people at the conference where all the same, they talked the same, dressed the same even though they never met.
      • Gary Vanerchuk – Selling wine – “Decide to lead” is the big idea.
      • Dynamics – Understanding Tribes
      • Factories are dead… the model is falling apart.
      • What works is the network, authority, movement, connecting with people.
      • Garr Reynolds – Author of Presentation Zen. How do to better Powerpoints… one of 25 best selling books. How did he do that. One person at a time through a blog.
      • Become an insider… if there is movement.
      • Who you decide to let into the tribe… people want to follow people they have chosen.
      • One solution is to make your tribe tighter… more exclusive.
      • Another is to make your tribe bigger… “Oprah”
      • You have to think hard as you create the change… you can’t order people to follow you… who is going to choose you?
      • “What you do for a living is make change.”
      • Making change is now called Tribal Leadership.
      • Your job is to make change so that education can catch up and that real learning can occur.
      • Create a movement of a connection of people.
      • You don’t need everyone… you need the right people and the committed and then you grow.
      • How what are the tactics… I don’t have one.
      • Low tech or high tech… doesn’t matter if you have charisma. Gates / Jobs… they run computer tribes.
      • We are the first generation of positive deviants – people who figure out how to do something better – your job is to fine each other.
      • Amplify people that are doing the right thing or doing something better!!! Who are the people that are doing it right… give them a platform, elevate them, give them an audience.
      • You’ve been brainwashed to think you need to convert everyone… you don’t you just need a few people that care so much that they will spread the word.
      • Kindle, the 300 replacement for a 13 dollar paperback book. It’s missing social tools… which could have been a way to make it easier for others to buy one, creating a way to connect people with each other.
      • We need to connect people and not isolate them… so that people can help each other.
      • None of this happens without critics.
      • People are waiting for joining in on something.
      • Create a new tribe that wouldn’t have happened at all.
      • You don’t have to invent… just show up to lead.
      • Opportunity you have – we are waiting for you to show up and lead us.
      • No one wants mediocre… you can pick and select your tribe or open it up.
      • No one follows a boring tribe.
      • Every successful tribe has been run by a heretic… push against the rules of the day. I’m not a sheep and follow… I’m someone stands up against all odds. Go to the edges. Chose to not compromise.
      • Robin Waters – Transformed Target from Kmart want to be to Target’. She had to persevere.
      • The risk is you try something but don’t stay committed. What every institution needs is a unicorn – it’s not about following every since rule.. Your job is not to find 100 reasons to say NO. Your job is to find the big YES, yes we can do that, yes we can try that, yes we can move that way.
      • What you have to sell is something to believe in, not a technical solution.
      • Opportunity to dramatically transform that most valuable industry we got – education.
      • You don’t have to be famous… change the world one kid at a time. Take people to a new place.
      • Leadership = Marketing… You can lead.
      • Marketing by memo, by flyers, by tv ad, by radio… is fundamentally broken. Where marketing is today is leadership… look at consumer brands that have grown… have grown by leading.
      1. Challenge the status quo
      2. Create a culture that stands for something. Connection.. am I inside or out.
      3. Create curiosity what works – what doesn’t – why that person can’t get it – understanding.
      4. Charisma you need, leading makes charisma.. charisma doesn’t make you a leader. Chose to lead.\
      5. Leaders Communicate
      6. Connect people need to connect, commit, feel part of something, not left out, we all want to matter. What we do is not about us, but about the people and giving people the tools they need to make a difference. You have to connect them, create meaning for them, create a difference for them in their lives, they need to feel noticed, they need to matter, they need to feel missed.
      • You don’t need more tools, you need to decide… you need to be inspired to be inspiring and to find something for people to follow you.
      • “4v2” – are we doing this FOR the people you win if you do it TO the people you lose.
      • The obligation – it’s up to you. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth leading. You need to create a movement, you need to lead us!
    • Michael Chasen
      • Great take aways.. thanks for the powerful presentation.
      • Exhibit hall is next!

Taking a plug from the keynote… to get connected and part of the Blackboard tribe 🙂 here are a just a few of the sites with the latest and greatest conference updates!


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  1. Education is the transmission of civilization. Ariel and Will Durant

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