Preparation for BbWorld and DevCon

In preparations for the BbWorld and DevCon events I’m putting together a list of interests.  If I tweet them ahead of time people will include comments in the presentations, sometimes Blackboard folk will answer, finally it will help me to search out the answers at the event.

1. Bb Administration

– What the status of the Admin Control Panel. GRCC is now a part of the pilot, but a second wave.  I’d like to see the CP and play with it at the conference.

– Make sure to catch this session: “So Your Boss Wants you to Performance Test Blackboard Before you Go Live with the Next Release” by Steve Feldman, Senior Director Software Performance Engineering and Architecture, Blackboard

– Another one: “Reliability and Application Performance Solutions for Blackboard Learn” by Travis Foschini, Manager of Information Technology, Columbia Southern University, Charles Mims, Blackboard Systems Administrator, Columbia Southern University

– Another one: “Different Approaches to Single-Sign-On from Blackboard to Other Systems” by Jeffrey Kahn, Principal, Verbena Consulting

– Another one: “Offloading Input/Output on Blackboard Campus Edition Using Oracle Standby Database Technology” by Stephen D. Mund, Oracle Database Administrator, Nevada System of Higher Education

2. Development

– What are the ideas for combining OSCELOT listings with Bb Extensions.  It makes some sens to have one search engine for blocks

– Sessions to do: “Letting the Lunatics Run the Asylum: Students Developing Code for the Production Environment” by Malcolm Murray, LTT Leader, Durham University 


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