bbStats development ideas

The bbStats building block provides activity information for the Blackboard Learn system. Some of the metrics graphed in perspective of time include: total logged in user, active courses, assessments.

Features in the incubator include:

1. Service Engine Light
Based on certain log entries (out of memory), memory levels, of diskspace availability

2. Downtime history
There might be some ways based on external agent to check if the system is down, or based on app server mash (if multi app server env is used); but there might be a good way to identify downtime based on the number of entries in the activity accumulator or the queue, since no hits is unlike the historical trend in the system. This would report downtime if the system was frozen and possibly responding to http pings.

3. Fuel gauge
Based on CPU run level (over CPU number) or Memory swap use the system is running out of resources.

Keeping the theme of Motor City!

Please share your ideas of what would help you map out or provide symptoms of issues/questions you may be facing.


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