What is the bbStats OSCELOT project and what can it do for you?

What is bbStats?

It is a building block plugin for Blackboard Learn LMS which provides statistical and analytical data about the system.  The software reports live activity data and creates historical graphs.  The reports are available through the browser or via mobile app on the iPhone and Android.

What can bbStats do for you?

The building block reports important activity metrics:

1. How many guest (for Bb Learn Community clients)  and authenticated users ( for Bb Learn Basic) are currently on the system.  This can be reported in a single number, a graphical representation of a gauge, or historical perspective of how many users per hour were present on your system.  This report can be delivered to your phone via the mobile app.

This report is especially useful to system administrators in troubleshooting DOS attacks, WebDAV misconfiguration issues, or scalability issues.  This is also a good adoption metric.

2. Page views, course views, login attempts, active users, active courses, organizations are available in a graphical perspective based on the System Tracking data.  These graphs help to visualize the growth of the Bb Learn use over long periods of time.

3. Usernames of currently logged in users sorted by most active users at the top.  Another report shows most active users in any window of time.

4. The number of emails sent through the Bb Learn system.

5. The number of assessments taken in the Bb Learn system per hour.

6. A report which requires configuration can show how many faculty who are teaching in a specific semester have not logged into the system.  The same can be reported for students.

To see a video presentation of the features please visit: http://screencast.com/t/EXYhkoGC

Mobile app video: http://screencast.com/t/EaCqjM1pvA

The browser version provides convenient links to additional system administration resources like the Background Tasks, System Logs, Task Status, Configuration, and System Information.

bbStats is an open source project available for download from the OSCELOT building block repository at http://projects.oscelot.org/gf/project/bbstats/

bbStats project will be discussed during two Blackboard World 2011 sessions:

1. Leveraging Academic Analytics in System Administration, Professional Development, and Course Improvement

3:10 PM – 4:05 PM

Venetian Congress Center – Titian 2201A

Garry Brand, Professor, Grand Rapids Community College
Bill Faber, Professor, Grand Rapids Community College
Eric Kunnen, Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies, Grand Rapids Community College
Szymon Machajewski, Senior Blackboard Solutions Engineer / DBA, Grand Rapids Community College

Session Description
Identifying, collecting, reporting, and using system activity data from Blackboard is often a challenge. Come to this session to learn about a series of free Building Blocks that are available (such as BbStats and Project ASTRO) that enable you to collect, generate, and leverage reports of faculty and student activity in Blackboard.

2. Catalyst Award Winners Present and Share

4:15 PM – 5:10 PM

Venetian Congress Center – Titian 2306

Bill Harlow, Instructional Technologist, Tidewater Community College
George F. Hoffman, Blackboard Software Support Specialist, Shenandoah University
Sahar Javadi, Senior Manager, Community Programs, Blackboard
Szymon Machajewski, Senior Blackboard Solutions Engineer / DBA, Grand Rapids Community College
George Saltsman, Executive Director, Abilene Christian University
Melissa Stange, System Administrator, Shenandoah University

Session Description
Come to learn and listen to the selected winners of Blackboard’s Catalyst Awards will present their winning projects. Panelists will discuss a variety of topics focused on staff and professional development, collaborating with community members across institutions, and working with the Blackboard Developer community. You are sure to find a few nuggets of information that will inspire you at your own organization!



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