Bb Corporate Keynote – Bb World Day 2

Bb Corporate Keynote – Bb World Day 2

More Britney Spears before session – Bb World sometimes feels more like a club than a conference!  Lots of new partnerships and products announced. Bb to be acquired by Providence, a private equity firm focused on the education industry.

Intro by Bb CEO/President Michael, including a video reference to The Hangover, complete with lost colleague,  live rooster, and Bb tattoo…

What is the relationship between learning content and learning management?

  • digital text:  CafeScribe (Follett), nookstudy (Barnes & Noble), CourseSmart (joint effort)
  • digital courses:
    • McGraw Hill connect and create
    • Pearson Mastering and MyMathLab
    • Cengage CourseMate, MindMap (Personalized Learning Experience), Applia
    • Wiley Wiley Plus
    • Macmillan CompClass and Psych Portal

New products help assess impact of business decisions on learning outcomes:

  • Bb Analytics for Learn (session this p.m.) – useful for institutional assessment
  • Enterprise survey for everyone – SP for 9.1 to be shipped

Four fundamentals/Report Card:

  • Support – 60% improvement in 1-day resolution of customer support tickets
  • Transparency – Product Road Map, more info, published known issues, redesign of published info, updates and building blocks available
  • Openness – commitments to shipping software
  • Quality – 2x improvement in bug fixes, Bug Squad Extermination with Determination, program cohort process, Quality Matters +Bb new partnership (Bb staff to be certified)

What’s new:

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Customized course environment
  • Focus on content
    • Student: stream for whole institution, see classmates and instructors on line, trends, messages, calendar
    • Instructor: course wizard for pedagogical styles with examples, class dates (updates all dates), standards for all content items, WYSIWYG editor fixed problems with cut & paste from Word, publisher content, tag Twitter feed to class tag.

Bb Mobile updates:

  • Search function for classes/orgs, Favorites
  • Discussion tool now threaded as on Learn, can post attachments
  • Mobile Central allows institutions to create branded apps – discussion re: modules for Bb app is losing me – may need to get a smart phone next time around…

Follow-up ideas:

  • How can we use QM standards for our own online courses? For our on ground courses? How to make quality design an ongoing discussion for all faculty? Discuss with Meegan.
  • Encourage as many faculty members as possible to participate in pilot test for tools and service packs – including new/less experienced Bb users.

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