Bb Mobile Keynote (and More)

I went to the re-run of the Bb Mobile keynote and was not disappointed! I got to see some features that didn’t get demonstrated in the Corporate Keynote. Augmented Reality – Overlays on live images that include information.

96% of the US population have a mobile phone. In fact, smartphones are outselling PCs. 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. The average iPhone user spends 45% of usage time on voice calls (my usage is far less).


1 in 3 campus life apps were developed with Bb Mobile. There is an app for so many things and information is freely available. Do our classrooms reflect these trends? Embracing mobile technology in the classroom may bring the level of interest to that of Lost and WOW. 40% of students used a mobile device to complete an assignment even though the devices were banned.


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