Creating A+ Rubrics – Day 1 Bb World

Great review of importance and techniques of rubrics, plus plug for SP6 with outcomes module

Audience – about 1/3 each administration, instructional designers, faculty

Example:  essay assignment – how would legalized gambling affect your hometown?

  • Student POV: objectives unclear, how know if did well, what constitutes an A
  • Instructor POV: how grade equitably

Four pillars of rubrics:

  • evaluate and measure
  • pre-established criteria, not simple numeric score
  • performance assessment
  • not a checklist

Benefits for student:

  • formalized, clarified expectations
  • judge quality of own work
  • focus effort on relevance and quality
  • provide consistent feedback

Benefits for instructor

  • formalized, clarified expectations
  • helps outline learning objectives
  • easier to evaluate each equitably
  • helps grade work rapidly

Be sure to include learning outcome, definition of terms, weighting criteria

Criticisms of rubrics: too hard, restricts learning process, shapes student work (is that a bad thing?) Responses: learn from experience, revise and refine

Types of assessment: holistic, analytic, instructional

Holistic: simple, one dimensional criteria, one descriptive scale

  • See discussion post: relevant, concise, engaging, clear, timely (need to define each)
  • SQL codes: not correct, small errors, perfect

Analytic:  2 dimensions (criteria and performance)

  • See knowledge, focus, applied contribution, demonstration synthesis of materials (for pntation in history class)
  • Intro, body, conclusion, presentation, preparedness for presentations (also for peer  assessment)

Instructional: complex assignments

  • Students and instructor work together to develop (I statements)
  • Graduations of quality, guides students, describes problems students may encounter
  • May use for self-assessment

Follow-up ideas

  • Get into pilot for SP6 ASAP and work with rubrics
  • Discuss professional development re: rubrics with Gen Ed team and English faculty
  • Write rubrics for all of my BA 201 written assignments and share with adjuncts teaching 201

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