Here Come the Accrediting Agencies – Bb World Day 1

As anticipated, this session focused on outcomes assessment as preparation for accreditation for both programs and institutions. The presenters made the case for embedded assessment to encourage both faculty buy-in and student engagement (not to mention saved time and money). Ideas re: assessment similar to ours at GRCC – now we need to leverage technology to get the data!

Accreditation expectations (based on HLC, ACBSP, etc.):

  • ID expected outcomes
  • Assess extent to which outcomes are achieved
  • Provide evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results

Assessing performance of the program  (vs. individual students)

  • Aggregate results
  • Faculty collectively interpret
  • Purpose is diagnostic
  • Reflects program performance

Design process to know:

  • Where you stand (summative)
  • What to do (formative)

Indirect vs. Direct:

  • Indirect assessment of student evals, attitudes
  • Direct assessment of artifacts, rubrics, ePortfolios

To minimize costs

  • Avoid decentralization where possible – data quality varies, hard to aggregate results.
  • Keep processes manageable sustainable, produce actionable data.

Bb can help with accreditation planning and management:  document; collect data; create alignments among standards, goals, outcomes;  report.  SP6 with outcomes module:

  • Will allow us to pull evidence from repository.
  • Focuses on assignments – pulls data from existing assignments in system; “not pulling Safe Assignments now, but that is in the works.”
  • Can align course activities to standards, objectives, and goals.

Users of SP6 :

  • Concordia University in Chicago – 5000 students, used for HLC and NCATE, changing to AQIP
  • Temple University in Philadelphia  – 37,000 students – used for reaccreditation, guidance for Gen Ed
  • Holy Family University  in Philadelphia – 2,300 – gen ed
  • St. Francis – 2,100 students – using for surveys and artifact collection for gen ed

Follow-up ideas:

  • Discuss implementation of SP6 – how can IT/DLIT work with Assessment Team, IRP, and programs to gather and interpret assessment data?
  • Discuss application to WFD with Fiona, Amy, Paula – how can existing Bb data inform Perkins reporting and improvements?
  • View recorded webinar re: Bb support for outcomes assessment – see Bb website.
  • Discuss with PD faculty/Ric – what data could help us design faculty professional development activities?

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