Nine Effective Practices for Student Success Online – Bb Day 2

Nine Effective Practices for Student Success Online – Bb Day 2

  • Lone Star College System – fastest growing CC system in TX – over 69,000 students, 27% online, 20% of online are fully online; services include online advising,  early alert, case management, Starfish
  • Capella – totally online – AQIP – 39,000 – most female, urban, students of color, average age 39, integrated support for learners
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways – statistical software- free digital content for K12

Effective practices based on surveys/focus groups

  1. Engage prospective students throughout the enrollment process.
  2. Allow students advance access to the online classroom.
  3. Make sure online students have complete access to library and bookstore resources.
  4. Offer guidance counselors and mentors targeted to online learners.
  5. Quickly communicate and resolve technology issues.
  6. Ensure office hours are flexible and transparent.
  7. Use technology to quickly identify students at risk for dropping out.
  8. Extend services beyond course or program completion.
  9. Ensure a seamless financial aid process.

Follow-up ideas:

  • Discuss findings with John Cowles and counseling – how are we implementing these practices at GRCC? What more can we learn from Starfish? What professional development or information resources do we/might we provide for faculty members?
  • Review new online Bb support from library with Nan S – how can we work more effectively with our library partners?
  • How do admissions and financial aid use Bb to interact with students? Talk with Diane Patrick.
  • Discuss with Business/other depts. with multiple online students  – how can we advise our students who do not attend classes on campus?

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