eTextbooks and the Nook Study Application

I attended a session on the Nook Study application during Bb World 2011. During the session, I downloaded the free Mac (also on PC) application. You can print into the Nook Study application (e.g. select “Print to Nook Study” in Word). I was also able to easily upload a PDF to the application.

The session also covered the Nook Study Building Block and the presenter did a live presentation of the textbook search. Our area (Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies) recently acquired a Nook for testing and I wasn’t aware of this integration.

Faculty have the ability to establish links directly to a page in the eText. Students can also add notes or tag the selection. Faculty can use a “Redeem Access Code” (from the publisher) to pull the eText into their application. They can also create a course and add content (e.g. PDF documents) to the course.

The Building Block adds a “Link to Nook Study” option in the “Build Content” area of Blackboard. The presenter did a cut and paste from the application, but it also looks like you can navigate to the link from within Blackboard. One idea is to link to discussion questions in the text.

It sounds like there will be some future integration with the Nook Color, iPad and Android devices!



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