The Classroom Experience – Day 2 BbWorld

The Classroom Experience – Day 2 BbWorld

University of Dallas – 15,000 students, 800 faculty (similar in size to GRCC)


What is the classroom experience? collaboration, assessment, physical environment and nonverbals, balance of safety and challenge

Classroom renovations w/Herman Miller (!) – changes in furniture, technology, design/decorations

  • Scale-up classrooms with round tables for 9, can break into groups of 3
  • Tiered auditorium with tables that allow collaboration with adjacent row
  • Students had extreme +/- reactions, faculty disliked
  • For second semester, offered training on use of new rooms

Student survey re: instructional technology – wanted faculty to learn how to use it, create structure and easy navigation in online environment.

Discussion re: how to translate classroom interactions to online environment.

Faculty need to get in and see what environment can do for them – wonder how this  experience fits with our renovation on 1 cook, how we are using our own research to design new spaces at DeVos campus?

Follow-up ideas:

  • Review our own classroom environment research – discuss with our dept. and adjuncts
  • Include environmental discussion in New Faculty and Adjunct Institutes

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