Using Bb Learn for Professional Development – Mini Session Day 2

Wo! WAY too many generalizations re: “faculty” by presenter – we are not all alike – we are not all resistant to teaching online, not all “only concerned re: getting an A” in training vs. learning, not all totally focused on our content /discipline vs. pedagogy, not all unable to interact with others without being forced to do so, not all frustrated by having to do the work of reflection, not all unable to “let go” and see things from students’ POV, etc…

Despite offputting  tone of presenter, got some good ideas for adding to Getting Results (materials from League for Innovation) – I have been using this course, with adaptations, for our own adjuncts. (two sections since March 2011).

Presenter adapted Getting Results – static course from League for Innovation – for OL course with DBs – offered through CCWA (Community College Workforce Alliance) in VA – CEUs/professional development credits for faculty as incentive


  • 2 Truths and a Wish
  • What dog are you? http://www.gone2 the
  • What medieval character would you be?

Lots of pedagogy resources – we have GRCC referrals/resources, but could definitely add to teaching resources/websites

Lots more questions added to each module DB – including institution-specific questions (we do some of this)

Follow-up ideas:

  • Continue to add institution-specific info/assessments/discussion items to Getting Results course
  • Discuss with Carmela:  involvement of new faculty in GR course
  • Share pedagogy resources with both new faculty and adjuncts
  • Consider how we could use some of GR module ideas as “refresher” for tenured faculty – perhaps involve some as DB facilitators
  • Consider tone of messages to faculty – how can we be welcoming, avoid stereotypes, make professional development attractive?

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