Bb Learn Product Roadmap

Brad Koch, Director, Product Management, Blackboard

This session started with a grade report. Bb gave themselves a B+ on features delivered. Here’s an outline of the Service Packs (SP):

SP 6 (June)

  • Automatic Assessment Submission
  • Grading Rubrics
  • New SCORM Player
  • SIS Integration Evolution
  • Institutional Hierarchy
  • Evidence Collection

SP 8

  • Auto Regrade
  • Reporting (Activity and Performance)
  • Course Relationships
  • HTML Editor (Tiny MCE)
  • Negative and Weighted Marking
  • Themes and Course Structures
  • Authentication Updates
  • Easy Edit and Blackboard Drive

SP 10 (2012)

  • LO Repository
  • Individualized Learning

SP 7 (Middle of Traditional Semester) and other odd SP will be for maintenance and enhancements! Some things coming in the “My Blackboard” future:

  • Streams
  • Profiles
  • Social Learning Spaces
  • Presence & Instant Messaging
  • Learning Object Repository (e.g. shared assessment questions)
  • Improvements to Portfolio (e.g. APIs for integration and portability of artifacts)
  • Assessment Updates (e.g. group aware time limits, better question editors, better assessment reporting)
  • Assignment Grading Workflow (e.g. Needs Grading expanded, opening documents in native application and save back)
  • Course Evaluations and Enterprise Surveys
  • Rubric Criteria Aligned to Standards
  • SIS Grade Export
  • Relative Date Management Systems (e.g. changing all due dates by establishing an “offset”)
  • Calendar Updates (e.g. recurrence, due dates connection and exporting)
  • Student Preview and make submissions to the Grade Center
  • API Updates

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