Blackboard World11 notes BbWorld11

BbWorld11 Haiku:

Blackboard World and sun ~
Technology with mobile ~
Learning, sharing, fun. ~

2011-07-09 20:53:01

Blackboard World is awse ~
I get by with a little ~
help from my friends, yeah! ~

2011-06-23 18:23:19

#GRCC DLIT has the space and turtles promoting collision of hunches for good ideas. Fro Videos in mobile app
2011-06-28 18:28:48

Blood in the Mobile shows the connection between our mobile phones and the civil war in the Congo.
2011-07-08 19:59:52

Oracle’s Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP) with Bb Learn over LTI #osd6
2011-07-10 18:22:58

Oracle LIS adds PeopleSoft Campus Solutions LTI to integrate with LMS (like Blackboard Learn) Listening to Linda Feng #osd6
2011-07-10 18:17:35

At $4 a student SAIP is an expensive option.

DevCon11 Morning Keynote notes:
1 of 4 themes: Simplify – 9.1 SP6 software update center with HotFix, Service Pack and parter block
2 of 4 themes: Empower – Java developer tool: Eclipse Plug-in – New->Project->Blackboard Building Block Edit bb-manifest.xml in a GUI
3.5 of 4 themes: Transform – the #GRCC block bbStats
3.3 of 4 themes: Transform – CourseSites, New Bb 9.1 Admin Console
4 of 4 themes: Evolve – @johnfontaine Create echo system based on simple rules

“People are choosing communities” – not just software! @readmeray

DevCon11 John Fritz Keynote:

UMBC PHP reports from Bb John Fritz’s research
UMBC finding based on BI “Students earning a D or F tend to use Bb 39 percent less than student earning higher grades.”
John Fritz talking about self-service for students based on Business Intelligence data from Blackboard Learn
Khan Academy on TED

The only real object of education is to have a man in the condition of continually asking questions M.Creighton uses for Issue Tracking and Management (Git hosting, Subversion, bug tracking) #devCon11 uses public blogging in addition to internal LMS blogs. The engine is
Want to use Bb Learn + Community, Collaborate, Connect? Get a free online course space at by Blackboard
Audience question:”So can you add your own building blocks to CourseSites?” Free courses, not yet free managed hosting! is a managed hosting Bb 9.1 installation with experimental building blocks – a Blackboard University
CourseSites Re-Imagined by @johnfontaine. Using Spring 2.5 with Building Blocks to do magic – teach 5 courses free

From @Bb_Mobile team a new tool to validate if B2 will work for other versions of Bb Learn

VCCS with 5TB Blackboard Learn install uses NetApp snapshot for backups of live database and keeps archive logs #ItWorks
VCCS has large Blackboard installation. Lessons learned: no to virtualization, no to Oracle RAC #GRCC
Virginia Community Colleges would use over 3 petabytes of storage if it wasn’t for Netapp magic – .5 petabyte of raw storage
Virginia Community Colleges: 281k students, 253 workforce, 130k courses, 1TB db, 5TB content, 17 app blades; disk on NetApp

Sir Ken Robinson: Civilization is a race between Education and Catastrophe (H. G. Wells)

@georgekroner: Congrats Blackboard Innovative Dev Award Winners #GRCC
#GRCC recognized during Bb Catalyst Award ceremony. Photo opp with the president of Bb Learn
Ray Henderson during Catalyst Award Ceremony: 1 million faculty worldwide use Blackboard


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