MiBUG Conference Session

Eight institutions were present at the Michigan Blackboard Users Group session. The big discussions were on whether we should keep two conferences – a Fall and Spring – and finding a new group leader. Additionally, there was talk about having a virtual conference for the Fall.

Current versions at institutions


  • Central Michigan University is on 9.1 SP 6, and have vetted SP8, however, with SP9 out now – some preliminary testing has been done and CMU are going to 9.1 SP 9 for the Fall.
  • Grand Rapids Community College is piloting SP 8 this summer as well with plans to upgrade to SP8 for the Fall semester. GRCC is also in a field trial of the new VTBE and are hoping to have that included in the upgrade for the Fall.
  • Baker College is on 9.1 SP 6 and
  • Kettering University is on 9.1 SP 5, with plans to go to SP 8 in January or later due to other changes at the institution.
  • Schoolcraft College is still using Blackboard 8 and will be doing a slow roll out to 9.1 SP 1 for the Fall.
  • Washtenaw Community College is on SP 8 and testing SP 9. The testing is going very well.
  • Michigan Virtual University is on 9.1 SP 6 and testing SP 8 to go live most likely to a new version in December.
  • Ferris is on Blackboard 9.1 SP 8 and bringing it back in house for Fall. All CE/Vista boxes will be shut off for Fall.

Biggest Tip

  • The biggest advice for users with custom themes is to go with the default theme and make customizations to that theme.

About Meegan
Meegan has over fifteen years experience working in higher education. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Western Michigan University and a Master of Education with an emphasis on Instructional Technology from American InterContinental University Online. She is currently the Instructional Technologist/Designer at Grand Rapids Community College where her main focus is helping faculty to develop and deliver quality online and hybrid courses.

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