Blackboard Keynote

Everything we will hear about this morning is being driven by active learners – digital natives.

This is the largest BbWorld ever held. 1,000+ institutions are represented. Over 280 partners are here as well.

An explanation of Blackboard in simpler terms like Social Media Explained.

It was a big year.

The Vision: Choice, Innovation, Access

  • ProjectXP – Developing technology that will work across all elearning platforms which will also benefit from being
  • xpLor – learning object repository will be released in Beta this Fall. It will work with all the open industry standards.


    Blackboard’s new Learning Object Repository: xpLor

  • All Khan Academy resources are already uploaded into xpLor.
  • xpLor can be accessed directly from any LMS, but also directly from the web.
  • Individual learning objects and collections are brought up in search results.
  • This will revolutionize how easily materials can be shared across courses and institutions and even further. Content can even be shared across different learning systems at the same institution!
  • You can even create the content direct in xpLor and add robust meta data.
    xpLor meta data
  • Other products will be rolled out along these same open lines, e.g. xpCalendar.

Access has gone beyond just the major publishers in higher education to K12 partners, and vitalsource. McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Pearson, and Cengage will not only integrate with Blackboard, but with all learning management systems. The building blocks are free. They are available on the Blackboard Administrator Panel.

The Fundamentals – Ray Henderson

  • The rollout of new products, service packs, and upgrades will be more transparent.
  • Quality Investment
  • Client Satisfaction This year’s report card: Younger releases are being put into production faster, earlier than ever before.
“Don’t confuse activity with results.” – John Wooden
  • More confidence in user interface design came with Ocho.
  • Item Analysis for assessment questions will be available this fall.

    New Item Analysis coming this Fall in Blackboard.

    Enterprise surveys will be made available FREE to all Blackboard users. In addition, you will not only be be able to survey those on your campus now, but alumni who are not using Blackboard anymore!

    Enterprise Surveys
    Improved text messaging – FREE text & text-to-voice notifications and *new* two-way messaging bundle via Blackboard Connect.

    Text Messaging for Blackboard Notifications
    Collaborate goes mobile! Instructors will be able to add a new Collaborate session more seamlessly without having to jump back and forth between multiple systems.

    Blackboard Social will be part of course delivery and community this fall. It will be free to those who have community now, and those who do not can add that system.

    Once a person creates their profile, then they can network with others using People.
    Social spaces will then be available for students to create their own space completely outside of the classroom and independently to collaborate and network. This could be used for student organizations and ad hoc study groups.

New Services – Katie 

University of California Online – a new partner with Blackboard – they will be delivering fully online courses and degrees

Two years ago, Blackboard partnered with University of Southern Mississippi doing the exact same thing. USM now is operating Eagle Learning Online

Developmental Education

Results of Blackboard Developmental Education Initiatives

Mobile Showcase – Kavon 

Mobile Central – Now has robust mapping abilities to let students know where buildings are located on campus.

Mobile Learn – mobile testing has been an area of significant development. Students can take native tests on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Push notifications has just been released.

Blackboard Push Notifications

Students can get notifications when there is a new announcement, new content item, new course, new grades,

Push Notification Types

End users will now be in control of the mobile experience.

end user license

Institutions can license the mobile product as well to subsidize the cost, and receive two additional benefits. Integration between Mobile Learn and Mobile Central, and webOS and Blackberry support. This will be taken into effect in September 2012.


About Meegan
Meegan has over fifteen years experience working in higher education. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Western Michigan University and a Master of Education with an emphasis on Instructional Technology from American InterContinental University Online. She is currently the Instructional Technologist/Designer at Grand Rapids Community College where her main focus is helping faculty to develop and deliver quality online and hybrid courses.

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