GRCC BbWorld Conference Blog

This blog is an attempt to capture fully the experiences, sessions, and information from the one of the most valuable conferences in teaching and learning… BbWorld!

Eric Kunnen

Eric is a Director of Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His primary role focuses on supporting faculty professional development around using technology in teaching and learning.

Eric is a member of the Blackboard Implementation Team at Grand Rapids Community College. GRCC has been using Blackboard since 1999 – back then it was “Blackboard CourseInfo 4” – and has been involved in system administration, project management for upgrades, faculty training, and end user support. Eric is a frequent participant on listservs, is involved in beta testing and the Product Development Partnership Program, and is a member of the Blackboard Idea Exchange steering committee.

In addition to working with Blackboard at GRCC, Eric is involved in many instructional technology initiatives including: Podcasting, iTunesU, Online & Hybrid Course Support, GRCC’s Faculty Laptop Project, and other projects.

Eric has a background in teaching Computer Science and Biology at the secondary level and a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology.

GRCC BbWorld Conference Blog DISCLAIMER: This blog is used to capture and share personal thoughts, notes, opinions, experiences, events, articles, and work as faculty and staff at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). The views expressed in this blog, are represented by the author, and do not reflect the official views of Grand Rapids Community College.  All content posted by the author on this blog is for information only, may be inaccurate or out of date, and is presented as-is. The author will not be held liable for any information posted or damages arising from the content, it’s display, or it’s use. Comments posted on this blog are the sole responsibility of the author submitting the comment.


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